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Taste Bud Tempters

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(3oz Kraft resealable bag shown)

If it's the Caribbean you're looking for than this is the one! Wonderful on pork, beef, fish, shellfish and poultry...use as a marinade or a dry rub. It has a definite zing to it! It'll make you think of palm trees and ocean breezes!

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JammNJerk - 1oz $3.00

JammNJerk - 3oz $5.00

(3oz Kraft resealable bag shown)

Bust out the chuckwagon for this one! Add wonderful Southwestern flavor to just about anything...beef, pork, poultry, fish...even baked beans and vegetables! Hearty, robust flavor! Available in a 1 oz. package or in a 3 oz. lined brown bag with recipes.

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HerbNCowboy - 1oz $3.00

HerbNCowboy - 3oz $5.00

(1oz ziplock bag shown)

If you're a Dill lover this blend is for you! Wonderful sprinkled on French bread, fabulous on fish and chicken, spectacular on steamed veggies, great as a dip...need I say more!
Comes in a 1 oz. plastic ziplock bag.

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HerbNDill - 1oz $3.00


(3oz Kraft resealable bag shown)

Take the guesswork out of seasoning chili! It comes with a recipe that some of our customers have won Chili Cook-offs with!!! Plus it is wonderful for seasoning white chili…it's just down home good!
3 oz. Resealable bag w/ recipe

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ChiliSeasonN - 3oz $5.00


(2oz Kraft resealable bag shown)

Like Boursin type cheese spreads? Now you can make your own with this herb blend…but, don't stop there, it's also wonderful in cream sauces, potato soups and any other creamy dish that you want to season. There's no cheese in it…it just got named that because it makes a wonderful cheese spread! 1 oz. plastic pouch or 2oz. resealable bag w/ recipe

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CheeseNSeason - 1oz $3.00

CheeseNSeason - 2oz $5.00

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