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Relax'N Unwind

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Add that extra special spicy touch to your hot tea, cider or wine. A sure warmer upper! Each package contains enough for 1 gallon of liquid.

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MullNSpice $2.00

Purify your body, mind and soul with the earthy scent of White Sage. Just burn the dried leaf and let it smolder. This is not for culinary use! 1 oz. package

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WhiteSageIncense - 1oz $4.00


Lavender sachet - Picture yourself standing in the lavender fields in France!  That's the scent your closets, dresser drawers and even your pillow will have after you place the lavender filled muslin sachet bag in them.  They are naturally high in scent but if it starts to fade just give them a "squish" to refresh the buds. 
Comes in a muslin bag.

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LavenderSachet $2.00

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